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A little history...Prince of Peace Retirement Living is an established and sustainable 501(c)3 nonprofit that opened its doors in 1995 providing independent senior living. We started out as Peace Lutheran Church's congregation mission to create an independent senior living option based off of the City of Hutchinson's housing study showing a need. With this, they created POPRL into a stand-alone Christian community. Please note, funding was provided through a city bond and TIF that we no longer receive. In addition, we’ve never received subsidized funding and have remained a successful and sustainable organization. Moving forward we have now expanded and have a new senior outreach mission. We want to offer FREE education to all senior citizens such as wellness classes (ex. Living Well with Chronic Conditions & Living Well with Diabetes, etc.), exercise programs (Range of Motion, Tai Chi, and Tai Ji Quan), a support group (Aging Adults and Parents) and senior dining. The Covid 19 Pandemic has presented new challenges, so we changed our path in order to reach our goal.

Currently, we have our Virtual Education Campaign in place to update our technology so that we can offer these classes online to all seniors. Our goal is to provide options to seniors to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy, along with being educated on aging in confidence. Donate today and help us reach our mission.

Our goal is $11,805

            ***A reminder that we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit making all donations tax deductible."

Cash, Securities, Personal Property Income tax deduction; avoid capital gains taxes Gift/tax savings
Living Trust/ Revocable Gift Control of trust for lifetime, possible tax savings Controlled Gift
Bequest Exemption from federal estate taxes Legacy Gift
Life Insurance Beneficiary Current income tax deduction Legacy Gift
Property Gift Immediate income tax deduction. Avoid capital gains taxes on home/real estate Legacy Gift
Retained Life Estate Retained occupancy of your residence or farm, designate the ownership to us Charitable income tax deduction and lifetime use of home or farm

Thank you to all of you donated!

We greatly appreciate your monetary donations that help us keep our mission strong.

Recognition of Donations:

~ Benefactors $5,000.00 or more
~ Sponsor $2,500.00 or more
~ Contributor $1,000.00 or more
~ Supporter $500.00 or more

Recognition of memorials:

Tangible memorials are to be considered separate from donations. It is the Board of Director's responsibility to accept or refuse the item based on usefulness. At such time that the item is no longer useful or necessary it can be disposed of. Each memorial will be acknwledged by letter to the family or known giver. No other recognition will be provided unless requested by the family or giver.