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Our Volunteers

Meet some of our volunteers!


"I love volunteering at Prince of Peace! Once or twice a month my family and I serve noon meals on the weekends. We enjoy visiting with the residents. We also feel good knowing that we have helped others in some small way. We live a busy life, but feel like this is important to do. As a parent I feel a strong need to have my children build relationships with people of all ages. They actually argue about who gets to go with mom to serve meals at Prince of Peace and that makes my heart happy!"  - Cassie (Mom of 3)

"I think it's fun to volunteer and a good way to way to get out of the house and help others. I also really enjoy the good food."    - Monica (Age 12)

"Volunteering at Prince of Peace makes me feel good about helping others. I really like bringing my dolls for the ladies to enjoy they also like when I get all dressed up to see them."   - Gina (Age 9)

"The people are really nice to me and I get to do something with just mom and not my sisters. I really like the dessert!"  - Zac (Age 8)

"Volunteering at Prince of Peace has been such a wonderful opportunity for me. It has given me a chance to give back while at the same time having fun with the residents." - Alex Siewert

"We get more out of helping others then hey get out of us. Volunteering gives us time to be with others and share our gifts. Just for joy, just one person saying to us, 'you've made my day' makes our day!"     - Ron & Barb Kirchoff
"Why do Deb and I volunteer at Prince of Peace Retirement Living? I think it goes back to when mom and dad were residents there and we saw the need for help. We had the time so we started to help out when we could. It doesn't take much time and it is fun to do. You meet and get to know many of the residents and families. We both feel very good after we get done knowing we did a small part to help."  - Greg & Deb Holtz