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Our Donors

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We are proud to state that 91% of Prince of Peace Retirement Living employees have made donations to support our mission. 


2017 Donations:

Continued Donations:

Past Donations:


Recognition of Donations

A plaque is mounted in th entry-way or commons area listing the names of all contributors of $500.00 and up as follows:

  • Benefactors                                         $5000.00 or more
  • Sponsor                                               $2500.00 or more
  • Contributor                                           $1000.00 or more 
  • Supporter                                             $500.00 or more

Referance will be made to the category titles, not the dollar amounts, on the plaque.

Recognition of Memorials:

Tangible memorials are to be considered separate from donations. It is the Board of Director's responsibility to accept or refuse the items based on usefulness. At such time that the item is no longer useful or necessary it can be disposed of. Each memorial will be acknowledged by letter to the family or known giver. No other recognition will be provided unless requesed by the family or giver.