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"At first I was having a hard time deciding to move into Prince of Peace Retirment Living after living on my family farm for so many years. Now that I am here I am so happy I made the move. I've made many new friends and I'm really appreciating the easy living. It's nice to have utilities and refuse included in the rent. There are so many fun activities you can be involved in. I am enjoying being so active."          - Dorothy A. (moved in June 2017)

"The staff is very friendly and qualified. I really enjoy the many activities and events we have throughout the year. The residents are very supportive and friendly."  - Marion S. (moved in July 2012)


" I love the people, food, and my lily pad (apartment). This was the best move that I could make. Prince of Peace Retirement Living makes my life easy and enjoyable. I really appreciate how great the food is and the low price. " - Anna Mae (moved in November 2015)


"We all have our reasons for needing to move into retirement living and the time for when an apartment opened for me was a blessing. I love not only this place, the people but also the city of Hutchinson. I love the diversity here at Prince of Peace Retirement Living. It was so easy to make friends here. I am comforted by knowing I always have a friend when in need and they know I am there for them too."  - Jane O. (moved in July 2016)

"This is the best move we ever made, we only made one mistake. We should have moved sooner at a younger age so that we could have really enjoyed more of our retirement. This is retirement living at its finest. Many nice views, outdoor seating, beautifully decorated and filled with great residents and staff. It's so easy to socialize with others and nothing to worry about during those time you want to get out and travel. " - Gloria and Bob M. (moved in April 2014)

"I really like it here because of the activities and the staff. The coffee always being on is just what I need so that I can sit down anytime with my friends who come to visit or with others who live here. The affordable noon meal option has really made life easy for me or even when I have company coming. It's a great option for those who only cook for one or two. I have nothing but good things to say about Prince of Peace Retirement Living, I like all that it has to offer. It's a great place to live."  - Laura T. (moved in September 2015)

"Prince of Peace Retirement Living is a great place to move to, it felt like home right away. You can stay in your apartment and have privacy or easily go to the commons areas to socialize."  - Merva B. (moved in December 2012)


"We feel it's the right place to live. We're both very happy!"  - Sylvia W. (moved in August 2007)


"Quiet, peaceful and smells good.  Compatible people, affordable, spacious, nice facilities, and good meals.  Great location and fun activities!"  - Lucy K. (moved in May 2013)


"If you had a fast- busy life, now is the time to take it easy and relax.  Move at a slower pace.  It really is nice,.  It's a happy place!!!"      - Merva Burich (moved in December 2012)


"When you walk into Prince of Peace you get a warm feeling, it's a beautiful building.  Merline and the staff are always there to help you.  We have an optionl noon meal.  There is coffee every afternoon, and cards at night.  We have a deck outside which is very popular.  It's a great place to be."  - Anonymous

"It's a very nice place to live, the girls' clean your apartment great.  They do everything to make living here enjoyable, the staff is very good!"  - Anonymous


"Prince of Peace is a really nice place to live.  The residents and staff are fun-friendly people to have fellowship with. There are a lot of activities; card playing, dominoes, bingo, Wii bowling, board games, and crafts. Im addition, for a reasonable price you can purchase a noon meal seven days a week.  Light cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom is a very nice feature to have.  You can participate as much or as little as you want to.  It's your choice!  Come and join us.  We are looking forward to meeting you!"  - Anonymous


"Friendly staff; good food; HOME! Very nicely decorated surroundings."  - Anonymous


"Friendly, well ran, well maintained, economical, pleasant, and many activities."  - Anonymous


"I know I am going to like it here, especially because everyone you meet in the hall says 'Hi!' and smiles at you.  I like it because when I went to clean the cupboards, bathroom, and stove, I found it had already been done."                  - Marjorie Hoffman (past resident)


"Come live here - The food is good, people are friendly and there is a beautiful park across the street. The activities are great!"               - Betty (past resident)

"I commend the whole staff here for their excellent and caring attention to the needs of the residents. All are excellent in bringing their particular gifts and talents into an effective ministry to the residents. This is due to Merline’s excellent leadership. She brings wonderful gifts to this responsible position. She encourages participation of the residents in so many different ways making this truly for them, their new home. I have seen depressed individuals come here and rediscover themselves as viable persons and personalities and rejoice with Merline in their recoveries." - Don (past resident)